The Adventures of Pea & Peu

Lovable characters, Pea & Peu, are destined to turn frowns upside down, inspiring creativity and laughter in big widdle kids all around!

Make It UP As You GO!!!


The Adventures of Pea & Peu are written and illustrated by precious children aspiring to become authors! Every submission will be reviewed for thought-provoking content and image quality, whereupon a revolving 50 are to be published within consecutive Volumes – a never-ending story

The Adventures of Pea & Peu will be made available on Amazon Kindle worldwide, and a bookstore shelf near You! So, if your child’s storytelling is imaginative and PhUnNy, has a begINning – miDDle – followed by “The End” – it’ll certainly be entered!  

Dear Parents, 

The Adventures of Pea & Peu await your submission – Spelling Mistakes Welcome! Introduce your little ones to a world of endless possibilities and let’s help INspire a generation of Authors!! 

Beloved Readers, 

You’re never too old to get involved! If you have a story to share from the child within and have a knack for spinning yarns – we’ll gladly consider your work for publication! 


For those unable to purchase a copy, but feel this work might help toward healing - please accept our humble gift and listen FREE by clicking "Our Gift" button.