Roberto Angelis Lyra – Artographer

Nestled a stone’s throw from Exhibition Place and Lake Ontario 

MuseesuM is a boutique photography and film studio catering to discriminating clientele

While careful consideration is taken upon consult, I defer to creative instinct over direction. Uninterested in mass production, engaging when inspired to capture the soul. Neighbouring renowned Noble Street Studios, arrangements can be made at the Gladstone or Drake for clientele booking multiple sessions – walking distance from sunsets at the beach, Medieval Times, and, of course, MuseesuM.

Please Note:

The introductory $999.00 includes 3 portraits valued at $333 per digital file. Hi-res and print product are sold separately. Wardrobe, hair and makeup artists are generously compensated. Allocate an additional $500 per look, respectively. Capturing engagements are complimentary with a non-refundable wedding deposit of $5000 – whereas the same begin at $10,000 plus. No out-takes nor unedited images are revealed – only heirloom-worthy signatures. 

Clientele will never be upsold, for MuseesuM is proudly about passion before business. That written, I value personal time and that of prodigies. Having worked sets for Apple TV, Amazon, Netflix, and more – we have the talent and experience to realize most any vision! I, Roberto Angelis Lyra, Principal Photographer at MuseesuM, solely own all copyright, saving purchase of commercial license. 

Firm on above, I neither offer discounts, minis, nor seasonal promotions. Any requesting the like are welcome to pay double – tips encouraged! 

Re: Charitable

Schedules permitting, we host a number of complimentary sessions annually for any in need that might benefit. Requests must meet certain criteria – namely those provoking positive change/paying it forward.

For inquires and/or bookings, email

MuseesuM | Mirrored Muse Imagery

Roberto Angelis Lyra – Photographer

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