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*During COVID-19, any donations marked Food Drive will ensure fresh groceries of choice are purchased/delivered person-to-person to those less fortunate within the GTA – initiative contingent upon engagement. 

Throughout birthing process of “Re: Le-gîon & The Other Side of Suicide” I’ve been approached by many suffering traumas of their own… stories tugging at my core.

Having lived on the streets, my heart will always beat among those less fortunate. Aside from our person-to-person outreach via generosity of Starbucks, etc., writing is often what keeps a troubled soul this side of suicide.

I’m reminded of the elder scribbling ’pon scraps of napkin, formulating thought for fray of puzzle before her… while another gifted with such potential…. yet unable to afford meal….. carrying burdens of life unreleased…… 

So many trapped with fading hope and lesser voice
For circumstance and little choice

I vow to help facilitate change; inspire growth among those willing to write out their truth. I’m asking the community to participate in this effort, donating gently used laptops for the silenced, introducing opportunities to be heard. 

Drop-offs may be prearranged at MuseesuM, where I’ll personally see them re-gifted ’neath fingertips of tomorrow’s authors! 

Muther Tung & Grüve welcomes proposals, partnerships, and/or donations from individuals, philanthropists, and organizations.

Working in affiliation with our initiative, WorkFurFood, we endeavour to enrich lives of those less fortunate; fostering opportunity where contributing artists Work spurring donations of clothing Fur and/or non-perishables Food in lieu of gratuity. 

In tandem with outreach ventures, WorkFurFood also hosts creative workshops within Waterloo Region, including sponsored events at Studio Lyra. 

Consider the orphan, homeless, pain and suffering of those who mourn. Remember the cancer-ridden, elderly, and countless who’ve never held chance toward choice! Contrary to mass opinion, one does not always carry vote in predicament – only ask a suffering child. 

We at WorkFurFood believe that God works through tender-hearted helping hands of unified prayer. May all so live out our love becoming silver-life-lining for those in despair – seeding hope in dire need!

The WorkFurFood initiative inspires qualified artists to perform for benefit of cause at hand, rendering a portion of profits from merchandise sold toward charitable efforts. 

WorkFurFood: A collective inclined toward the greater good/spiritual benefit of community – regardless of creed or persuasion.

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