Denied semblance of normalcy
Such as it was… ended at 10

Stripped of song and clipped at wing, I was routinely beaten – primed for unspeakable violation. Raised under spell of an insidious cult – oozing sedition rooted in fear. 

Invoking sanctum with every blow found one spent in prayer for deliverance! Repelling torment with mem’ries of song – angelic harmony, celestial woodwinds, and a red violin. Drowning curses, belt, and buckle – convincing ‘self all was but a nightmare!

 Knowing beyond a doubt how dare I testify – whisper anything at all – consequences would sting worse than death! Thus resigned, compliance was all one might feign for sanity. 

After deprogramming decades of indoctrination, I hold moral obligation to publish; in that none other endure analogous fear!

 My influences are not of modern culture, rather candid portrayal of innocence lost. Paradoxical missive ‘pon road less traveled, tinged with preternatural haze better felt than seen. Remnants of antagonist/protagonist vying for position; clawing shades warring o’er shards of soul. 

‘Pon quest to find God, I embrace the unsung – strewn amongst ‘ broken of life; writing/painting that which swells from gurgling well – spurning thirst drawn of conviction.

Indeed, compelled… some would venture possessed!

Talents known as “Gifts” often come at price-less-ness verging suicide. Gifts to be certain – as true artisans earn them not – are staggering burden due lesser blessing! While turn o’ phrase might inspire another – it would seem I die a little with each line.

I’ll attest veracity; axiom jagged and bitter digested, yet hinting at promise due brighter morrow! 
Whether by prose, painted hue, or song strung blue, it is my orison the works resonate within catacombs of heart. Imploring any ‘pon sands of self-discovery that we place crutches aside… relinquish implements of war! 
Bid come closer – dare ghastly query – that all stand nude afore blinding reflection ‘pon glass… face the ugliness within! 
Plagued for frailty of human condition, may these messages inspire kaleidoscope of compassion as woven by one who’s laughed and cried with hand on heart… calling you friend.


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