Muther Tung & Grüve entertains offers in certain aspects of creative. We’ll carefully review/consider proposals for collaboration, production, and publishing.

Becoming financially involved can prove a highly rewarding experience, designating one executive producer in works written, recorded, and engineered by some of the industry’s revered.

We also offer custom movie soundtracks, personally tailored music/lyrics and poetry penned per ’quest. Investment values for these projects vary depending on recording/performing artists desired.

Given incentive, we at Muther Tung & Grüve, are equipped to carry out most any project from concept to completion.

Along with world-class artists associated, all investors (aside silent partners) will receive mention upon release of works due accreditation.

One of the most lucrative forms of investment, sponsoring Art fosters an ever-evolving spectrum of new and innovative talent, paying dividends upon commercial success of projects in question.

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Roberto Angelis Lyra | Author • Artist • Activist 

Survivor of ritual abuse, I’ve come to recognize a greater moral responsibility; raising awareness to the insidious nature of religious control groups – not to be confused with spirituality.  In sharing these often brutal yet delicate stories, we’ve witnessed tears of release inspire steps toward healing! 

Join us in becoming an integral part of the restorative process, producing documentaries/publishing works which provoke positive change! Generous benefactors will be among first apprised of new releases and benefit from giveaways exclusive to members! Monthly contributions will help ensure copies of “Re: Le-gîon & The Other Side of Suicide” are provided to readers unable to afford their own. 

With prayer toward hope for a brighter tomorrow! 


For those unable to purchase a copy, but feel this work might help toward healing - please accept our humble gift and listen FREE by clicking "Our Gift" button.