State of Affairs

People keep warning how this crusade for broken souls will cost my own

While I hear and respect all opinion, such often come from foreign perspectives, far removed from lived experience. I appreciate my story may be a jagged pill difficult to digest, but I’ll be damned before giving in to undertow. 

This mission mirrors a force birthed of purpose, without which hope, my very breath would be unsustainable! Those among beautiful who’ve invested time and resources are the reason I cling against all odds. 

When our main investor pulled out recently, I was forced to take a hard look at footprints impressed, re-evaluate and recalibrate. It had been a while since I’ve prayed… I mean really prayed…. “Lord, my God….. give me a sign……” wept like a suckling wrapped in blue. 

An order of books were en route where I found myself with no means to cover costs… deferring shipment long as possible. 

Call it divine intervention or dumb luck

An old friend called, saying he’d be passing through town and would like to pray over me. A devout Jew, his reverence to Yahweh, a soothing calm. Several years ago, this beautiful soul – let’s call him Gabriel – was once homeless… a man to whom I’d given shelter in his hour of great need. 

He prayed, we cried
Two grown men in a car, embracing one another

“Father asked me to give this to you…” he declared, adding it couldn’t wait

Gabe went on to state there were so many praying that I not lose faith, nor allow the devil a foothold… planting seeds of doubt…. destroying hope with hopelessness…..

“God’s building you a *&%$#@! Army, Roberto! TRUST IN HIM!” 

Not unlike an out-of-body experience, the foul-mouthed fisher-of-men pressed a sizeable sum into my palm, cupping hand with both his own. Turns out it was enough to cover the shipment, and maybe a little sushi… 

Deeply humbled for his kindness, Gabriel kept affirming how I was created for “Such a time as this…” 

Those who know of my circumstances have advised not to show any weakness. To these I’ll now write: ‘If there be a God, may his strength manifest in such weakness, but if Love be a lie, that I fall upon face where all might witness my shame!’

I walked into the studio this morning, a faith renewed in fine-feathered creatures… chose true colours and began to paint. 

A thought occurred, and lingers through this day…

When surrounded by angels
Wing it


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