Of State & Affair

Good people, 

We’re entering uncharted waters, where shifts toward New World Order are inevitable. 

Change will happen incrementally so as not to incite revolution – enforced in fashion customary to 3rd world countries. 

As evidenced with non-essential services, closure of companies will have masses dependant on subsidies for survival. 

To start, expect mandatory vaccination of all – withholding programs for any of rebellious nature. Parents refusing to vax will have children forcibly removed, power citing them unfit, even criminally negligent. 

This era will induce a cull of humanity in a world overrun by greed. Overextended, “Homeowners” will face foreclosure, unable to maintain taxes for properties built on Crown land. Let’s not be naive, there’s no such thing as a “Paid off” home unless native.

Barter notwithstanding, cash will be completely phased out in favour of trackable currency. I’ve been in war-torn countries where martial law is commonplace – I’ll skip the part about violence and plunder.

Among rumours of war, governments will amalgamate due course, having cardinal religions bow at altar of “Enlightenment” – decimating families caught in the crossfire. 

I’ll spare details prior to awakening for cold sweat in the dead of night, suffice – my dreams and visions have ever come to pass. 

Protective protocol granted, worst any might be at this time is alone…

Be kind to one another

Find your person 
Love unconditionally 


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