My Four Walls

Imagine, my dear John…

How despite decomposition, your seeds inspired growth! Indeed, imagine there’s no heaven – stripped to core of love!

Alas, flowers of redemption wither, when feeling trapped within four walls where shreds of hope are but lost. Arteries injured by life, it’s inevitable we’d find few options aside temporal vice – even reject matter cathartic toward healing.

I’m challenging all to a different perspective this Easter season, embracing a spirit closer to the heart!

What is it we feel when removing robe and staff, melting centuries of graven images, deconstructing steeples, and leaving off collection plates in favour of person-to-person outreach…

How many could frame Jesus within modern day? Let’s allow a space within these walls that Spirit permeate this atmosphere. Allow me to transcribe the sensation…

At first, we tend not to recognize “Him” – no longer dressed in archaic fashion, nor speaking Aramaic. Unconcerned with outward appearance, so much as the essence of being. Any so moved might note he’s been wearing your faded jeans, or that stained shirt you’ve kept so long… convincing yourself to discard, yet somehow couldn’t part with….

Being a seeker doesn’t mean attending man-made institutions, rather walking in truth – honouring principles of trust natural to most. Jesus is that hand feeding the poor and soul imparting hope! Jesus opens the door to a burden less than easy, there to help carry the load.

Jesus is… the decision to stay or go…. that collective conscience tipping the scale toward second chances!

Jesus is the person standing in the cold, fogging up the window for a hand to hold…

Jesus. Works. Within. Us!

Sowing peace in situations of conflict, softening the hardened, yearning to hold those unloved… which often means embracing ourselves…. allowing forgiveness, or….. simply letting “God……”

To greater degree, the capacity to be “Christ-like” is within us all.

May we find ourselves looking out for one another. Each one, teach one to tread unfathomable depths of surging waters.

Lennon was onto something… just took a while for this world to recalibrate.

When emerging from cocoon to next gaze ’pon one another, may we step a little closer… beholding catchlights in the eyes of our neighbour.


A. Friend


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