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“Re: Le-gîon & The Other Side of Suicide” is an autobiography of a cult upbringing; decades of unspeakable horror and harrowing escape! Life denied under guise of a holiness uglier than sin; trapped among religious zealots drunken with control.

Witness to egregious inhumanity not limited to mental/sexual/spiritual abuse of minors through elderly. Mind control/manipulation, blackmail/extortion, grand larceny, drugging, human trafficking, cult sanctioned rape – even perversion eliciting suicide.

A sinister sect wherein serving “God” invokes dire consequence for those which disobey; programmed martyr for cause! To wit, an order of misogynist hypocrites where women are covered, blacks damned from birth, gays muzzled – then punished!

Bound among deeply disturbing, yet necessary works… 
Re: Le-gîon & The Other Side of Suicide
Promises to haunt…….

While offering dreaded



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Roberto Angelis Lyra | Author • Artist • Activist 

Survivor of ritual abuse, I’ve come to recognize a greater moral responsibility; raising awareness to the insidious nature of religious control groups – not to be confused with spirituality.  In sharing these often brutal yet delicate stories, we’ve witnessed tears of release inspire steps toward healing! 

Join us in becoming an integral part of the restorative process, producing documentaries/publishing works which provoke positive change! Generous benefactors will be among first apprised of new releases and benefit from giveaways exclusive to members! Monthly contributions will help ensure copies of “Re: Le-gîon & The Other Side of Suicide” are provided to readers unable to afford their own. 

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Re: Le-gîon & The Other Side of Suicide, Volumes II and III

Re: Le-gîon, Volumes II & III were inked as protective measure, should cultists attack my person or any I love. True to the “Christians” I’ve known, their onslaught has been relentless! As such, Volume II contains full names of perpetrators/clans/parties involved in coverup, along with detailed accounts from several other victims. Volume III includes actual evidence, slated for worldwide release upon foul play – extremists having threatened my very life.

Confessions, Volumes I, II, and III

Confessions within the Nazarean sect were held on a folding chair set midst all congregates. Swift and unforgiving punishment would follow horrors endured, haunting both victim and witness for life! No longer silent, these are their stories… 

Romancing Andante, Volumes I, II, and III

Beauty for L’ashes

Before cult autobiography “Re: Le-gîon & The Other Side of Suicide” could be written, it was all one could do to emote in poetry and rhyme. “Romancing Andante” is lover’s labour to 3 Volumes; each binding 66 Acts within select movements depicting saga from lyrical point of view. 

While not for the faint, those which tempt mind’s eye will sign that much closer to heart.

The Adventures of Pea & Peu

Adventures of Pea & Peu is a children’s book I started with my little ones – before they were alienated/indoctrinated by radical zealots. 

Lovable characters, Pea & Peu, have dusted shelves far too long – now destined to turn frowns upside down, paint brilliant smiles, and inspire laughter in children all around!


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