I’ve hesitated writing these words, at risk that any stumble… but fear I’d be dishonest withholding. 

These past few years have deeply grieved the spirit, having me doubt all once held sacred. I’m referring to a faith shattered by family who’ve poisoned waters, unholy.  

While I don’t place trust in men, when my own mother protected the monster that ruined me – theirs was a “God” I renounced!

Alas, despite irreparable harm, these arms remained ever open – just as fam’lie turned coat upon approach. 

If such be Love, there is no God

Spanning a decade, I’ve sifted sands of banishment, athirst and spat upon. My own children taught hatred by radical zealots; erased from their lives like subhuman waste. 

If such be Love, there is no God

How I’ve cried, pleading an entity immune to prayer; followers mocking for agony prolonged, rejoicing in my sorrow. 

If such be Love, there is no God

What I’ve become 
They have created!

Their Haunting Masterpiece!

Unsure what I believe anymore
Perhaps they’re right……
And I’m just lost 

A concerned soul recently inquired of my faith
All I could muster seeded tears
For such is Love! 

It’s lonely in this place, cold ’n dark
Truthful, nonetheless

Yet if “This” be Love

Heaven help us



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