“GODDAMN CHURCH | How I Lost My Christian Faith” follows “Re: Le-gîon, Volume I” – a harrowing account of a doomsday cult upbringing. 

Witness to egregious inhumanity not limited to mental/sexual/spiritual abuse of minors through elderly. Mind control/manipulation, blackmail/extortion, grand larceny, drugging, human trafficking, cult sanctioned rape – even perversion eliciting suicide.

A sinister sect wherein serving “God” invokes dire consequence for those which disobey; programmed martyr for cause! To wit, an order of misogynist hypocrites where women are covered, blacks damned from birth, gays muzzled – then punished!

Bound among deeply disturbing, yet necessary works… 
Promises to haunt…….

While offering dreaded 


Goddamn Church

How I lost my christian faith

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Commentary & Encouragement to Cult Survivors

Recent reviews

Unmasking Evil

February 5, 2024

This book unmasks the evil that can lay in any cultists religious group. The sad part of this being its still happening to this day, and will continue until something is done about it. I can tell you what I think ought to be done about it……maybe not the place for the sadistic solutions that come to mind. My friend, I will trudge this road along with you knowing the bravery and courage you have used to get this far, I know you will never give up! Everyone step into the world of darkness and become wide awake of the truly evil cultists sects among us in the KW region and help free those innocent enough to not know better…the victims

Bruce Marchand

Harrowing true story

February 5, 2024

It’s rare to hear the heart of man articulated so clearly especially in regards to horrors no child, or person for that matter, should ever have to live through. It’s heart-wrenching and infuriating but also, as it become obvious from the early stages of the book, the careful selection of each detail completely necessary in an effort for this remarkable man to be re-united with his children.

I know Roberto personally, and can testify to his honour and larger-than-life presence. It would be hard to find another man who went through the special kind of hell that goes along with ritually abusive cults who still manages to hold himself with poise and confidence in daily life.

I recommend this book for everyone to read, especially residents of Ontario who may be able to become part of a solution.


You should read this book

August 2, 2023

Read the title.


Knowledge is Power!

August 1, 2023

Look, GODDAMN CHURCH: How I Lost My Christian Faith is a heavy but important book. Roberto talks straight about some real rough stuff, like religious abuse and other serious wrongs. But he also points to hope, showing how tough we can be. This book pushes us to do something about it. So, give it a read, because to stand against evil, we first gotta know what we’re dealing with.


To Catch a Wolf…

July 24, 2023

Volume II serves as a crucial plea to all of us, particularly to those of the Christian faith, to become aware of and actively resist religious abuse in all its forms. Tragically, many of our Christian leaders are ravenous wolves, exploiting the scriptures for their personal gain. I extend my heartfelt commendation to Roberto for bravely confronting this injustice, exposing the guilty parties, and fiercely advocating for his beloved family members. I pray that God will grant justice in these matters.


No Title

July 23, 2023

When my friend sent me the link to “GODDAMN CHURCH | How I Lost My Christian Faith,” I knew it would be intense, but I’m grateful I read it. This book exposes the toxic NCC/ACCN and sheds light on a crucial, often ignored topic. Roberto’s harrowing journey through the cult reveals disturbing atrocities and the lasting impact of extremist ideologies. It’s a tough read, but the bravery in sharing his story serves as a warning, urging us to be vigilant against manipulative groups. The book’s honesty and glimmers of hope amidst despair make it a must-read to understand and confront the pervasive abuse and exploitation that hide in the shadows of society. Sending love to all the ones that have been hurt by these people, praying that justice will be served


We need to stop generational trauma

July 19, 2023

My heart truly goes out to the children affected by these horrible people. I pray that God protects them and helps them heal from the pain. It’s hard to understand how someone can be so out of touch with reality that they don’t realize the harm they’re causing. To all the victims, survivors, and anyone who has been abused, stay strong. We’re stronger when we support each other.


“Church “where we are supposed to be safe under the loving guidance of God and his followers.

July 18, 2023

Roberto has been pushed way beyond any normal limits into the writing of volume 11, thus exposing the evil truth. I applaud his courage to reveal in detail the ugly crimes that have been committed by the NCC/ACCN to himself and his precious children dear Mother and other unfortunate Believers.

A heartfelt read by a talented writer seeking justice.


An Eye Opener

July 17, 2023

Everyone needs to read this book. Wow. This type of evil needs to be exposed. Thank you Roberto for doing it with such realistic details. The NCC and the likes are religious cults! I feel sad that we are suppose to be believing in the same God but as a Christian, I don’t know this religious cult’s “God”. Praying that God will uproot the weeds because this should not go on anymore. Praying for justice for all.


A Gripping Sequel That Shatters Illusions - A Review of Goddamn Church: How I Lost My Christian Faith

July 17, 2023

Goddamn Church: How I Lost My Christian Faith is a powerful and shocking sequel that uncovers the dark secrets of a dangerous cult. After eagerly waiting for more following the first volume, “Re: Le-gîon, Volume I,” I was amazed by how much the second volume revealed the horrifying truth. Roberto takes us on a scary journey through the hidden side of a doomsday cult, where terrible acts of abuse happen. He exposes mistreatment of young people, manipulation, blackmail, and theft. The book shocks us with disturbing details of drug use, human trafficking, rape that the cult allows, and even manipulation leading to suicide. He paints a vivid picture of a world where people use and abuse the word “God” to justify their evil actions. The cult brainwashes its members, making them believe they must be martyrs. It’s a place where women are silenced, people of color face discrimination from birth, and the LGBTQ+ community is both silenced and punished. I am sending love and hope to those victims. Although “Goddamn Church” is disturbing, it is an important read. Roberto bravely confronts the terrible things they witnessed, shining a light on religious extremism and abuse.

The book challenges our beliefs about faith, morality, and the power structures in organized religion, making us face uncomfortable truths. The writing is compelling, keeping me engaged throughout. Roberto’s honest storytelling leaves a strong impression and it’s brave of him to share his personal journey so openly, inviting us to understand his experience. Not only does Roberto expose the dark side of religious institutions but also gives us hope. Despite the despair, he shows us the strength of the human spirit and the power of self-discovery. This book encourages us to question blind faith and find our own path.

In conclusion, “Goddamn Church: How I Lost My Christian Faith” is a gripping and impactful sequel that lives up to the anticipation of the first volume. It fearlessly tackles themes of abuse, control, and religious extremism, leaving readers both disturbed and hopeful. This is a book that deserves attention, and its impact will stay with readers long after they finish reading.


Screw stuck up religious men!

July 15, 2023

Someone needs to check that church. Who in the world gave these religious cults so much power?! The definition of Antichrist literally means “opposed to Christ” and these leaders of the Nazarene Christian Congregation (NCC) or Apostolic Christian Congregation, Nazarean (ACCN) should be ashamed of themselves! Stay strong victims of abuse. Evil never lasts long… something has got to change.



July 15, 2023

Volume II is call to , no a warrior’s cry, to the very small innocent souls begging to be seen, heard, held, but most importantly saved! I cried, raged, and ache for the victims ( including the author himself!) to know true belonging and unselfish love. Church is a community, a tangible place to be and feel safe to worship , and yet we learn that it’s a building to rape the minds, souls and bodies of the vulnerable that brave to enter and bare the God made beings they are … all in the name of Re-Legion ! Who can wash their hands and know you have been/do better for having been given breath to live on this earth! Warriors are just victims that fight to save the loved ones that are still in these cults ! Fight Roberto with quill and ink … The Word is a double edged sword , more powerful than any other weapon !

M. Hamilton

Echos of Past Injustices with GODDAMN CHURCH ♱ How I Lost My Christian Faith

July 15, 2023

As an older reader, Roberto’s book brings back memories from my past that I’d rather forget. But seeing how he faces his own traumas with courage gives me strength to slowly confront mine. It’s a tough reality check, realizing how cruel people can be. His bravery in sharing his story shows that sometimes staying silent isn’t the safer choice. It’s a clear call to take action and challenge such unfairness. I’m thankful to Roberto for sharing his story with the world, and I can only imagine the immense bravery it required. Though my experiences may not compare to his, I can understand that gut-wrenching feeling. Thank you, Roberto, for raising awareness and making me not feel so alone in this world. With much love.


Unmasking the Shadows in the world

July 14, 2023

Roberto’s “GODDAMN CHURCH ♱ How I Lost My Christian Faith” is an eye-opening exploration of the hidden facets of institutionalized faith. It forces us out of complacency, reminding us that apathy in the face of injustice is not an option. It’s a catalyst for change, fostering a deep sense of social responsibility. The change really starts with us. Thank you Roberto for your courage to speak out about this


Unveiling the shadows of abuse and isolation

July 14, 2023

GODDAMN CHURCH ♱ How I Lost My Christian Faith ♱ Re: Legion: is an incredibly powerful and eye-opening book that courageously shines a light on a cult that perpetuates abuse and isolation. In a world where knowledge and awareness are essential, this book serves as an invaluable resource for those seeking to understand the dangerous dynamics of such organizations.

The author’s meticulous, expressive writing and heartfelt narrative skillfully navigate the complexities surrounding this cult, revealing the devastating consequences of its beliefs and practices. By delving into a personal testimony the book provides a comprehensive examination of the cult’s mechanisms of control and manipulation.

What sets “GODDAMN CHURCH ♱ How I Lost My Christian Faith”apart is its unwavering commitment to promoting awareness, justice, and healing. It not only exposes the dark truth behind the cult’s activities but also offers guidance and support for those affected. The book empowers survivors, sheds light on their experiences, and encourages empathy from readers.

The writing style is both engaging and compassionate, striking a perfect balance between detailed explanations and relatable anecdotes. The author’s traumatic experience and sensitivity towards the subject matter is evident throughout, making it accessible to both individuals who have experienced similar situations and those looking to broaden their understanding.

Furthermore, GODDAMN CHURCH ♱ How I Lost My Christian Faith offers a warning to what religious groups are capable of , It fosters a sense of community among survivors and inspires readers to stand against such abusive organizations. It serves as a rallying cry for societal change, encouraging everyone to recognize and confront these harmful practices.

GODDAMN CHURCH ♱ How I Lost My Christian Faith is an essential read for anyone concerned with the well-being of individuals caught in the grip of abusive cults. With its honesty , compassionate approach, and empowering message, this book is an indispensable tool for raising awareness, seeking justice, and fostering healing.


An eye opener of how cruel our world is

July 14, 2023

The true God is all the positive energies in the world and are represented by the 9 Fruits of the Spirit. And the devil is all the negative energies in the world. These negative energies can be classified as the 7 deadly sins. This book embodies how we’ve all been tricked by the devil, we have been fed lies of how if you’re labelled a religious group, you’re untouchable. I’m so thankful Roberto is a voice for the lost souls that get tricked by adult men. They use a fake god to adhere to what they want and use that power to control others. But we all know that twisting God’s word (the Bible) is an atrocious thing to do. They will get their desserts. Also, a religious group should process the 9 Fruits of the Spirit (Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindess, Goodness, Gentleness, Faithfulness and Self Control), if they don’t, they should be stripped of their religious title and charged with the law.


A Compelling Read And A Call For Action!

July 14, 2023

“Goddamn Church: How I Lost My Christian Faith” is a riveting account that delves into the dark side of a fundamentalist sect. Through vivid writing in a style all his own, the author paints a moving picture that exposes the underbelly of a tax-exempt church gone septic.

In this beautifully written yet gut-wrenching story, Roberto Lyra reveals the inner workings of a seemingly pious religious community, that controls and exploits congregants to nefarious ends, unduly influencing youth and elderly alike with fear-based perversions of truth.

From vivid accounts of child abuse, drugging, and human trafficking, to unspeakable crimes, this book will leave you on the edge of your seat. As you delve deeper, you’ll appreciate how Roberto’s enduring heart extends to all humanity, unwilling that any should suffer as he has, pressing to ensure innocent are saved.

Through corroborating statements, Mr Lyra sheds light on the insidious nature of religious-based abuses, and the devastating impact these have on innocent souls, including the broader cost to society as a whole.

“Goddamn Church” serves as an alarm, urging legislative change. It compels us to confront uncomfortable truths about religious control groups (cults) and reminds us of our collective responsibility in protecting our most vulnerable.

In bringing this matter to light, Roberto Angelis Lyra inspires a call to action that demands justice toward necessary healing! The book challenges us to confront painful realities, and stresses the urgency of action.

“Goddamn Church” is a piercing cry, inspiring us to imagine a world where children are protected, and none fall victim to predatory influence and radicalization.

“Goddamn Church: How I Lost My Christian Faith” is a Definite Must Read!

Didi R.


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