Muther Tung & Grüve

The Album

     Recorded at Gil Moore’s Metalworks Studios (Prince, Bowie…) Mastered by George Graves (U2 Joshua Tree, Neil Diamond, Kenny Rogers, Barry White…) in association with Muther Tung & Grüve. This 12+ track album features a spectrum of gifted musicians, whose artful contributions helped to shape this version of truth: Roger Travassos (Nelly Furtado, Remy Shand, Jacksoul…) Randall Coryell (Tom Cochrane, Glass Tiger, Cowboy Junkies…) Steve Hogg (Ian Thomas, Ronnie Hawkins, Lawrence Gowan, Amy Sky) Bob Egan (Blue Rodeo, Wilco, Freakwater…) Cory Barnes (Olivia Newton John, Michael McDonald, Gordon Lightfoot…) Gwen Swick (Antonio Banderas ‘Never Talk To Strangers’ soundtrack, also ‘Heater,’ and ‘Sleeping Dogs,’ currently in Quartette, with Sylvia Tyson) Katalin Kiss (Del Shannon, Chubby Checker, Chuck Berry, also Chaka Khan-for the CBC induction of Joni Mitchell into the Songwriters hall of fame..) Sisters Of Fate, namely Ambre McLean and Anna Rogers-Stoutley (Aliqua) with special guest Danielle Todd as featured on ‘Teresa’ about Mother Teresa… and many, many others.

     This album of true stories would not have been made possible without a little help from the incredible veterans above, but perhaps most instrumentally, the influence and invaluable experience of lifelong mentor, and musical collaborator to the ever evolving Roberto Angelis projects, Kenny Munshaw.

     For a complete list of those involved in this work, or for further detailed information, please see the liner notes on the physical disc.

Muther Tung & Grüve

Individual Tracks:


Show Me The Way


Water Is Wide


Now & Then

Beautiful Somewhere

You In My Life

Blue Again


Tick Tock

A Song Called


   Among the following chosen few, are those who have persevered with me upon this wayfaring pilgrimage of self-discovery. Old souls who have held me close, and kept my ebbing heart from failing, from losing hope under the heaving sighs of delicate chrysalis, this thrice discarded shroud I’ve since learned to embrace as my refuge. These kindred spirits have all had as much or more to do with the color of these works, than any persons directly involved:

     Lisa Thomas and Angie Shilley, Don Henley and Glen Frey, for the Queen and her best bet. Paul Gross and Gil Moore, for laying it on the line, then taking the time. Brian Vollmer, for coming in at a crucial time and helping me rediscover my Helix. Glenn Pelletier, for the call that changed everything. Kamran Haqbeen, exactly one thousand words. Thomas Aldridge, a true patron of the arts. Steve Lehmann, for the light. Monte Wright, for Beauty and her brush. Lucielle Mitchell, dreamcatcher. Glenn Pearce, for whom a place of honor is reserved at my table. Catriona Steele, whose tender heart and loving hand brought me to a better place. Jennifer Anderson and Marta Deluca, for restoring my faith in the system from within. Marija Ilic, for thirty and twain of row’ses je t’aime. Marika Roman, a truly remarkable woman of rare integrity, and heavenly heart for healing. Richard Grace, for killing George and the evil twins. Ron Chilton, for shaping the sacred sounds, while filtering out the silkèn screaming. Kenny Munshaw, it is a rare thing indeed to retain a friend who resurrects a brother… there’s much I could say, but words fail. Jeff Martin, for taking me in from the cold.  Alexandre Kolarski, Dragan Brankovic, and Robert Olah, for holding to the crest. Myra Livingstone, for the blue-blooded inky drink of Lyra. Pankaj Chand, a rare man of God and medicine, gifted beyond the beautiful. Marija Bognar, the embodiment of selfless love, having saved my wretched life. Gary Doyle, a steadfast friend and mentor, closer than a brother… for fanning the embers in my quest to find God… Olga Boginya, for Hope… and finally…

Nadezhda Lyra, my heart’s reflection, and eternal muse… lover of my soul.

These are their love songs
Just as I am forever
In their debt


For crying with me, and understanding that despite this grace
It would seem I still somehow cannot forgive