We at Muther Tung & Grüve, are open to entertaining offers from potential investors, with regard to certain aspects of our creative. We carefully review, and consider proposals for collaboration in production, and/or publishing partnerships.

     Becoming financially involved as a potential investor with Muther Tung & Grüve, can prove to be a highly rewarding experience, designating one as an executive producer involved with supporting groundbreaking works of art in original music, as written, recorded, and engineered by some of the world’s most respected talent.

     We also offer everything from custom movie soundtracks, to personally tailored music, lyrics, and poetry, written to fulfill a specific request. The investment values for these projects vary, depending upon the recording/performing artists desired.

     Given the initiative, and the right incentive, we at Muther Tung & Grüve, are fully equipped to carry out most any project imaginable, and have all the right connections to render any movement to fruition.

     Along with the world class artists directly involved with each piece, all investors, outside of those who may wish to remain silent partners only, will receive honorable mention in the credits, upon the release of the works for which they are to be accredited as executive producers.

     Sponsoring the Arts, not only fosters an ever evolving spectrum of new, and innovative ideas, but also remains one of the most lucrative forms of investment available, paying dividends upon the commercial success of the works in question, when marketed accordingly.

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