Muther Tung & Grüve, the music and publishing group home to the Roberto Angelis projects, welcomes the proposals, partnerships, and/or donations of various individuals, philanthropists, and organizations.

     Working in close affiliation with our own charitable initiative, WorkFurFood, we endeavour to enrich the lives of those less fortunate. Creating opportunities which allow for contributing performances (Work) in an effort to spur donations of clothing (Fur) and non-perishables (Food) – this, in addition to any number of complimentary performances per annum, not limited to sales-based tithing.

     In tandem with other outreach ventures and sponsorship opportunities, WorkFurFood also hosts creative writing workshops within the Waterloo Region, including sponsored events at our headquarters.

     Consider the orphan, homeless… pain and suffering of the ill afflicted and those who mourn; remembering the cancer-ridden, elderly, and countless others who simply never had the chance to make a choice. Contrary to popular belief, one does not always carry vote in their predicament… only ask a suffering child.

     We at WorkFurFood believe that God works through the tender-hearted helping hand of unified prayer! May all so live out this love, weaving that threefold braid; become silver-life-lining to those lost in despair… seeding a glimmer of hope in time of dire need.

     The WorkFurFood initiative actively inspires uniquely qualified artists to perform pro-bono for benefit of cause at hand. In addition to generously donating time and talent, select also render exactly one half of any and all profits from physical merchandise sold upon dates in question. Goods are handled by the sponsoring venue; in turn our accountability partner.

     WorkFurFood: a collective with heart and mind inclined toward the greater good and spiritual benefit of our fellow man… regardless of creed or persuasion.

     For bookings, further detailed information, or to inquire about volunteering with the ever-expanding WorkFurFood Initiative, please contact:

     To inquire about joining our circle of qualified artists, please submit promo packages for consideration to:

     For any seeking to collaborate on new projects as either silent partner or associate producer, please see the Investment page at Muther Tung & Grüve.