Muther Tung & Grüve, the music and publishing group home to the Roberto Angelis projects, welcomes the proposals, partnerships, and/or donations of various individuals, philanthropists, and organizations. We work in close affiliation with our own charitable initiative, WorkFurFood, whereby we endeavor to enrich the lives of those less fortunate. We do this in the form of both a sales based tithing, and via any number of charitable performances per year. We create opportunities which allow for contributing artists to perform (Work) in an effort to inspire donations of clothing (Fur) and non-perishables (Food)

     In tandem with other outreach ventures and sponsorship opportunities, we also host creative writing workshops around the Waterloo Region, including biweekly catered events at our Lanark Landing headquarters, sponsored by our generous benefactors.

     Consider the orphans, the homeless, the pain and suffering of the ill afflicted and those who mourn. Remembering the cancer ridden, the elderly, and countless others who simply never had the chance to make a choice, regardless of circumstance. Contrary to popular belief, one does not always have a choice in their predicament, we only need ask a suffering child.

     We at WorkFurFood believe that God works through the tender hearts and helping hands of everyday people like ourselves. May it serve as a statement of faith, that should we stand united, emboldened with the compulsion to merge our humble efforts, while invoking the kindred spirit of unified prayer, we could very well move mountains! May we so live out our love, weaving that threefold braid which may just become the silver-life-lining to those lost in despair, seeding within their spirits a glimmer of hope, in a time of dire need.

     The WorkFurFood initiative actively inspires the interest of its pool of uniquely qualified artists, to perform pro-bono at various venues for the benefit of the cause at hand. In addition to generously donating their time and talent, these select artists also render exactly one half of any and all physical merchandise profits from cd’s, t-shirts, posters, etc, sold upon the date in question, submitting the funds to the charitable cause in effect upon the same day. The merchandise is sold by the sponsoring venue, which in turn becomes our accountability partner. All of our artists are trusted among those whose hearts and minds are inclined towards the greater good and spiritual benefit of their fellow man, regardless of creed or persuasion.

     Under the Artist Roberto’s directive, and outside of the charitable partnerships listed above, WorkFurFood is also responsible for allocating an undisclosed portion of the Artist’s share of publishing, from the ever growing catalogue of the Roberto Angelis/Muther Tung & Grüve projects, to various charities, and random acts of kindness. These funds are disbursed on a quarterly basis, and also in special circumstances as they are received. We strive to consider each request with due diligence, and do our utmost to fulfill these dedications wherever and whenever possible. We are however restricted only by the availability of our humble resources. At this time we are blessed to have a small staff of volunteers, therefore there are no administrative costs whatsoever on our end.

     For bookings, further detailed information, or to inquire about volunteering with the ever expanding WorkFurFood Initiative, please contact:

     To inquire about joining our circle of qualified artists, please submit your promo packages for consideration to:

     For those seeking to collaborate on new projects as either silent partners, or associate producers, please see the Investment page at Muther Tung & Grüve.